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The biography of  Luigi Domenico Tenco


1938 Luigi Tenco was born in Cassine (province of Alessandria) the 21 of March. Unfortunately he didn’t know his father Giuseppe  who died during His mother’s pregnancy.


1948 The Tenco family,composed by the mother Teresa Zoccola and two brothers :the younger  Luigi and the older  brother Valentino, moves himself to Genoa.they start up wholesaled  activity of “piemontesi” wines

He begin to attend the medium school during the  year 1948/49 .


1951/56 In the first time he enrolled in the Classical Liceo  “ Andra Doria”, but he attends only one year together with  his school-friend Bruno Lauzi; after enrolled two scientific schools :”Cassini “ and “ Galilei “. After, as external candidate, he reaches maturity in the 1956 the 29 of July.

Then he enrolled at Engineering for introductory two-years course of study.


1953/58 He establish several musical groups with his children’s friends: Gino Paoli, Bruno Lauzi, Marcello Minerbi, Ruggero Coppola and the Reverberi brothers.

The first compilations  are mainly jazz music and  attempts of Rock and Roll   Luigi at the beginning played  the clarinet , after he specialized with the sax.

His pop-stars are Jelly Roll Morton, Chet Baker ,Gerry Mulligan, Paul Desmond and Charlie Parker from which draw inspiration.


1957- He meets  Marcello Minerbi . This musician during the  sixties  founded the ensemble “Los Marcello’s  Ferials”.

He becomes ,together    Ruggero Coppola, members of the Minerbi’s company named “Tony-Marcello and Max” and played  at Genoa’s music-halls.

Played in Sn Pellegrino Terme with Dino Siani and after with Marcello Minerbi and Ruggero Coppola. At Stresa in the “Grand Hotel Stella Alpina” played with Lino Patruno’s band.


2.6.1957 He got through drawing examination with 20/30. After fails the examination of analytic Geometry. ( He was examined from Togliatti the  PCI secretary’s brother. Then he changes course and he is enrolled to political Sciences.


1958       - Tourneè  in Germany with Celentano,Gaber and Jannacci.

With Paoli and other friends he forms the ensemble “ I diavoli del Rock”.

He played in Milan at Santa Tecla with Gaber, Jannacci and Reverberi. Then newly  in Genoa at the “ Piccola Baita”.


Summer 1958 –In Milan he met  Gianfranco Reverberi who is working at Ricordis’ and this friend introduces him in this  musical society where Tenco worked as instrumentalist in the recording’s studies.

In a short time he changes from the sax to the voice ,so he begins to  record his first songs. Before songs written by others then his own compositions.


24/3 -  By Ricordi he records tree  extended-play records with the songs: “Mai”,”Giurami tu”,” Mi chiedi solo  amore””Senza parole” signed with his family name.


17/6  - Tree new extended-play records with the pseudonym of GIGI MAI. The songs are: “Amore”,”Non so ancora”,”Vorrei sapere perché” “ Ieri”.


18/6/1960  He got through with 24/30 the fundamental examination :Political and Economic Geography.


24/6  By Ricordi he records a compilation where Tenco as author and interpreter of the song “ Quando”.


30/6 -  In Genoa, together  to “ Camalli”(labourer works) he attends a demonstration against a meeting of “M.S.I.”


Summer 1960 – He performs with his friends De Andrè  in Genoa  at “Duse” with Modern Jazz Group.De Andrè, to obtain attention from the girls in the discotheques, passes himself off as the author of  “ Quando”.


24/8  -He obtains  the driver’s licence .


25/ 10  -He records an  extended-play record, “ Quando “ his first hit   with the pseudonym DICK VENTUNO.


8/3/1961 He records an   extended-play record with two songs: “ Quando” and “Triste sera”; this time with his true name.


9/3 -  He records an extended-play record   with the songs.”Il mio regno” and “I miei giorni perduti”.


8/5     He records an extended-play record “ Una vita inutile” and “ Ti ricorderai”.


3/10   - He records an extended-play record “Ti ricorderai” and “Se qualcuno ti dirà”


25/10 He records an extended-play record with “Come le altre” and “La mia  geisha”


Summer 1962 He sheets the film “ La cuccagna” director Luciano Salce.


10/9  -He records an extended-play record with the same songs of the film “La cuccagna”: “ Quello che conta “ and “Tra tanta gente” (songs composed by Luciano Salce and Ennio Morricone) and  “ La ballata dell’eroe” composed by Fabrizio De Andrè.


Ottobre 1962 In early days the film “ La cuccagna” comes out in Italy.Gala evening and publicity on newspapers for the film’s titles.


11/11-  He records his first long-playing record with the songs: “Mi sono innamorato di te”, “ Angela”, “ Cara maestra”


17/11 It is issued an extended-play record with the first two songs..


At the end of the year  he got  through his screen test for a protagonist role in  the film “ La ragazza di Bube” director Mr. Comencini, but ,for coprodution-reasons, will be engaged under contract George Chakiris.


1963 –The first half . Tenco fights with Gino Paoli because of a flirt with Stefania Sandrelli at those time only seventeen-year-old. The two pop singers break off every relations  for ever.


10/9  - It is issued the last extended-play record by  Ricordi: “Io sì” and “Una brava ragazza” both too much daring and censured consequently.


1/1/64  - started  collaboration with the record company “Joker” with the record-label “ Jolly”.


15/4/  -  It is issued the extended-play record  “ Ragazzo mio” dedicated to his friend’s son (Roy Grassi) . Another song is “ No-non è vero”


During 1964  he takes part on a film version for  RAI-TV “ La comare”.


7/1/65 –He served as a soldier  in Florence after several postponements .His company was the “Tuscany’s wolfs”.

14/5/ - It is issued the second compilation with “Ragazzo mio” and “ Vedrai vedrai” in the first version.


13/10 – He writes to Valeria his first letter then known by public.


December – He goes on tour for ten days in Buenos Aires (Argentina) when he is attended as a guest of honor during a television programme with a theme song “ Ho capito che ti amo”; a tenco’s popular song known in all South-America country. He gave a warm welcome as a head of state.


22/12 – At 21 p.m. he takes  part , with great success, a television programme “Casino Philips” (Argentina  13 canal) equivalent to the Italian television programme “ Fantastico”.


1/1/1966 – He signs a contract with the record company RCA.


11/3/ - He finished  military service.


Summer 1966- His song “Lontano lontano”(then an even green)is present at the song-festival :” A play for the summer, but he was the last ( Nemo profeta in patria).


August – In Rome at  the RCA building  he makes to Dalida’s acquaintance ,a Italian -French young singer.


September – Tenco, together with   RCA’s officers, tours of Paris for the presentation of the song “ Ciao amore” to Dalida.In this circumstance starts the idea for a common presence to the “ Festival di San Remo”.


Autumn – Tenco attends a debate  on the song of protest in Rome care of the “Beat 72”. The young men  present challenge the author.


18/11 – He writes to Valeria his second letter  giving  flattering judgment to towards  Dalida.


31/12  Tenco, during the New Year’s Eve party sings in Rome at “ Casina Valadier”. The audience challenges him with toy trumpet’s sound. He stopped and cryed …….put those trumpets into your ass .


3/1/ 67   For low questions he is forced to change the title of his song “ Ciao Amore “ in the new title “ Ciao amore ciao”.


January – He gives a concert in Rome at the  Hotel Hilton. The public boos him.


17/1/67 –Tenco attends at ” XXVII Festival di San Remo” .He is in pair with Dalida.His song “Ciao amore ciao” is eliminated previously by the jury ( 38 ballots on 900) and then by a special commission of experts.


27/1/67 – h. 2,15 (about)-in San Remo -Hotel Savoja – room n.219…Dalida founds Tenco dead .


30.1.1967 – The funeral is set in Cassine (Alessandria). Among his friends went to the funeral: Fabrizio De Andrè,Anna Fabbri (the Gino Paoli’s first wife)and the singer Michele his great friend.